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Our Easy Process

Of Creating Timeless Childhood Memories

In just three easy steps, we create timeless childhood memories that you and your family will be able to cherish for a lifetime

This is so much more than a shaky recording of your child on your cell phone.


This is the chance to capture the loveable sweetness of your child singing with the professional touch of a trained music producer.


Think about all those upcoming once-in-a-lifetime moments. A grandparent’s 80th surprise birthday party. Mother’s Day for the hardest-working and most loving mom you know. Perhaps you want something special to give your child on their 18th birthday.


Imagine being able to give a professionally created and produced recording of your child singing their favorite song that will melt hearts for years to come.


Nowhere else can you affordably access a professional like Martynas Kuliavas, a prestigious song writer, producer, and guitarist who was awarded the best instrumentalist of Lithuania. With more than 20 years experience writing and producing music, he will transform your child’s singing into a unique, timeless keepsake.

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How The Process Works

little boy sings

Step 2: Submit Recording

Once you have the file saved, head over to our order page and select which professionally produced package you would like. Select your package and submit your payment.


Once we receive your order, we will email you payment confirmation and instructions now how to upload your recording. It could happen that recording’s quality might not be good enough for the production. In such case we would ask to send the better version along with additional instructions.


Once we receive your order, Martynas will begin creating a full arrangement specifically for your child. We know your little sweetheart is special, so Martynas’ task is to make sure the song is perfected to showcase the your child’s personality and inner sweetness.


Martynas uses his own guitars, piano, and other instruments to make sure the arrangement is complete masterpiece! After he’s done recording the background arrangement to complement your child’s singing, he’ll do the mixing and mastering to bring it all together. Perfecting this musical gem takes about one week.


Step 1: Record The Fun

This step is really easy! Simply record your child singing using your phone or a microphone plugged into a computer. You can even use this free online voice recorder.


You don’t have to take this step too seriously. Let your child have fun! It’s all about capturing this genuine essence of your child showcasing their spirit through the power of music.


All you need to do is make sure there isn’t any background noise. Try to avoid being outside where there might be traffic, people, or any other noises you can’t control.


Do you want to record more than one child at the same time? No problem! Group recordings are great too. Just make sure that you can hear all the children singing. Again, no try to shoot for perfection. We want the children to enjoy because we’re capturing some wonderful childhood memories during this process!


When you’re done recording, no editing is necessary! Simply save the file.


Step 3: Cherish The Timeless Childhood Memories

Once the masterpiece is complete, we’ll notify you and send you a link to download the recording from our website. You’ll also receive a little gift in the mail (it’s a surprise!).


Once you download the recording, you can think about creative ways to gift it to your loved ones! You can simply share it online, or think about how to debut the song at a surprise party. The possibilities are endless!


View some examples of our beautifully curated masterpieces by listening here.

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