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Meet The Producer

Meet Martynas Kuliavas, the transformative producer behind these one-of-a-kind children songs.

All Children Are Musical, Parents Just Need

To Let Them Sing

I’ve been fortunate with my career as a notable guitarist, songwriter, and producer in Lithuania. As long as I can remember, music has always been part of my life. I started playing violin when I was six-years-old where I then transitioned to guitar. I’ve received a variety of recognition and achievements…but honestly, my biggest achievement is my family.


When my son, Kipras, was born, I had a strong desire to incorporate music into something valuable to help him grow up. You see, music can be created and performed, but there needs to be a purposeful reason behind the notes and lyrics.


Kipras has been singing since childhood and one day when I was working in the studio I decided to record him singing just so I had the memory of this special moment in time. But due to my creative nature, I then started playing around with the recording and it ended up being something even more precious to both Kipras and me.


That moment, the desire to capture a particular twinkling in time where my son was simply showcasing his genuine love for singing that I can always fondly remember, launched Kids Recordings.


We all have beautiful family portraits that capture the special moments in our lives. But not very often we have beautiful audio recordings. I like to think that what I provide is a song, captured in a beautiful, musical frame, for you and your family to always treasure.

What Parents Say

I am very happy to have found such an amazing gift idea! I recorded my granddaughter’s singing and, with Martynas ’help, made a surprise to her parents by giving them their child’s first single. Just great!

— Loreta’s  grandmom

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