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Your child is only young for so long, so together let’s create a singing masterpiece you and your family can treasure for a lifetime.  

One child’s singing now a precious keepsake

Meet Kipras Kuliavas, the inspiration behind Kids Recordings

Martynas Kuliavas’ desire to capture his son’s love for singing inspired a worldwide movement to create unforgettable memories for children, parents, grandparents, and friends.

Your Child’s Singing Professionally Produced

We are able to take a recording of your child’s singing and then produce a studio-quality memory you can treasure for a lifetime.


The process takes place in three easy steps:

  • Record your child singing: Keep it simple! Let your child sing and record them using your phone or a microphone connected to your computer.

  • Submit your recording & select your production mix: We offer a variety of music production packages, so you can pick a simple acoustic production or the full rockstar treatment!

  • Download the masterpiece: We notify you when your professionally produced memory is ready for downloading. Simply download and cherish for a lifetime!

Timeless Childhood Memories With Kids Recordings

Today, it’s so easy to tap on your cell phone and capture a video of your child during the most precious years of their life. But in those moments you may not have the right angle, the sound might get muffled, and you end up recording so many shaky videos they all just get lost in the abyss of your storage.


Kids Recordings is about capturing your child’s most precious years in a beautifully mastered production that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Instead of another shaky, I-almost-dropped-my-phone recording, invest in a professional production of your child’s musical memory.


Not only will you have a precious snapshot of your child’s most special years, but you’ll also have a gift your child can cherish of their favorite childhood memories. 

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Family Music

What Happy Customers Say

“The first song of Smilte, when she was 2.5 years old and learned it herself, was Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” Inga Uzupiene Bilke, a Kids Recordings customer shared. “We were very fortunate to arrange it by Martynas. It’s been 10 years and we’re still listening to this recording, and our grandparents and Smilte herself are happy with it. A wonderful memory for a lifetime!”

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